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Avoid Costly Mistakes With Your Invoicing, Expenses, Tax…

Better Accounting for Personal Trainers

Free up more time. Help more clients. Make more money.

Sidekick for Personal Trainers is a business accounting package specifically tailored to personal trainers. It includes everything you need: smart software, done-for-you tax services, and ongoing advice.

With Sidekick, you can:

  • NGet paid faster
    Our smart software makes it easy for your clients to pay you. And it chases them if they don’t.
  • NSave time and taxes
    With our complete accounting service, you get rid of a ton of administrative work. And you stop paying more in taxes than you have to.
  • NAvoid frightening end-of-year fees
    Sidekick comes at a low monthly fee. You pay nothing extra for our end-of-year tax management.
  • NProactively stay on top of your books
    With Sidekick, you can have a complete picture of your income and expenses every day, not just at tax time.
  • NGet ongoing training and advice
    Have accounting questions? Need business advice? You can always reach us by email for personal help.

Download Special Offer Pricing, Including FREE Tax Tips & Better Selling Advice for Your Personal Training Business.



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Oh yeah. We’ll throw in $660 worth of premium accounting software.

Your monthly Sidekick fee comes with a full subscription to the powerful and intuitive Xero online accounting software (a $660 yearly value). Xero allows you to proactively stay on top of your finances, freeing up time to do what you enjoy.

Who we are

We are not your ordinary accounting firm. We’re forward-looking, unstuffy, and we love simplicity.

We’ve been in business for 11 years, helping small businesses with their accounting. Because we increasingly work with personal trainers, we’ve realised your unique needs deserve a custom accounting package.

What our clients are saying

“I’ve been with djca since 2015 and haven’t looked back since joining. The monthly fee means no surprise bill at the end of the year, and helps with my cash flow and budgeting.

The Sidekick team really understand my business, offering tailored advice such as what expenses I can claim, how much money I should be putting aside for tax and managing my student loan repayments. This means I can spend less time on my accounts and focus on what I enjoy doing.”

Shannon Durrant
Recreate Personal Training


Sidekick might just be what you’ve been looking for. Download the Sidekick Special Offer guide to see whether Sidekick is right for you:

Download Special Offer Pricing, Including FREE Tax Tips & Better Selling Advice for Your Personal Training Business.